Costa Coffee ~ Cortado ~ Keto

Some time since my last visit to Costa Coffee in Terminus Road Eastbourne, I decided I would have a Cortado. This store had a refit over the last year or so giving the decor a somewhat fresher more contemporary lighter feel. The menu too has been refeshed with more options other than Sandwiches, Panettone or Biscotti and there is now a large selection of Reusable Cups and bottles etc.

My cortado was really nice on this occasion, £2.35 well spent.

Two shots of Coffee with a small amount of heated milk this has been my coffee of choice of late. A Cappuccino was my choice for a great many years until I got the Latte habit and downed so much milk that must have done my inners no good at all but that is the past.

In the last couple of years many Coffee shops have been looking at milk alternatives to align themselves with a changing customer requrement. Coconut milk is available in Costa and there are others like Oat Milk or various nut milks. In the Supermarkets there are so many choices and fresh cartons of lactose free milk can easily be obtained for a healthier home option.

I got thinking about how I will enjoy my regular ‘pick me up’ after seeing the numerous American variations on YouTube. Bulletproof Coffee, Butter Coffee, Fatty Coffee and Keto Coffee are all options that are fantastically popular. At home I do my own version with 2 espresso shots, a teaspoon of ginger flavoured coconut oil, a couple of drops of MCT oil, a teaspoon of stevia topped up with a small amount of foamed lactose free full fat milk. This keeps me going well into the afternoon. This kind of beverage is currently popular with followers of the Keto Diet a popular low carb upgrade from Atkins.

The Cortado is the perfect size to feel the benefit and I am sure that these days most coffee chops will customise to your individual specifications though you may get a few quizical looks as you add a small portion of butter as they often do Stateside. On this occasion I was perfectly happy with my Coffee exactly as it was served.

Costa as usual was a good place to go but I feel they could increase their staffing levels a little as the staff seem under unrelenting pressure to get everything done so that the customer experience is good whatever the time of day.

Many Thanks


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