Costa Coffee Polgate

On a Friday Afternoon in Polgate there isn’t really an awful lot to do but there is a small Costa Coffee so that’s where I found myself.

This particular branch didn’t really feel like a Costa somehow even though all the usual goods were on offer. At the time of my visit the counters and floor looked pretty clean but there seemed to be a fair bit of clearing up of crockery to be done. To be fair there were only a couple of people working and they perhaps were just recovering from a busy lunchtime.

I went for a Flat White and the Barista took great care to get it right both in terms of body and presentation.

There was plenty of mixed seating available and it was easy to relax there with a Newspaper or have a conversation.

There was a decent display of Cakes and Pastries to tempt most people and as it turned out my Coffee tasted really good.

There were good facilities there and should I find myself in Polgate again I wouldn’t hesitate to return.

Cheers Den

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