Finch House Cafe, Maidstone, Kent.

Recently I had to spend some time in Maidstone so one of my priorities was to find a Coffee Shop where I could recharge my batteries, do a bit of reading and check emails etc. Finding a suitable place that also had ample space and a degree of comfort was a bonus. Finch House Cafe in Maidstone was ideal. Finch House is an Independent Cafe that offers Fresh Food and Quality Coffee. This delightful Shop in Maidstone is the more recent to open in a chain of three, they also have branches in Orpington & Tonbridge.

Situated in Week Street Maidstone, this large town centre cafe has a modern interior and has been tastefully furnished and decorated throughout. The staff here are all very friendly and polite and take care to deliver great service.

The Coffee is really good and The food is fantastic though slightly expensive. They can justify the prices due to using only the finest ingredients in their wholesome Sandwiches and delicious Cakes and Pastries. During My time in Maidstone I would visit them two or three times daily and was always impressed. My favourite Combo would be a Large Cappuccino, Cheese Ploughmans Sandwich and a Cream topped Blueberry Cake which tasted as good as it looked. Altogether that was around £9 and was a really satisfying treat.

All the facilities at Finch House are up to scratch and the cleanliness is as good as I’ve seen anywhere.

If you are in Maidstone for any reason, be sure to take time out and visit Finch House and you will no doubt be set up nicely for the rest of your day.

Cheers Den

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