FAVO’LOSO Eastbourne

This time of year in England, when the Sunshine makes a bit of an appearance, quite a few people head to Eastbourne for a Getaway. Once in this Seaside Resort Town they soon find their way into the various Cafés, Ice Cream Parlours and Coffee Shops. One place very popular this time of year is FAVOLOSO in Carlisle Road.

Just accross the the road from The Winter Garden Theatre, The Congress Theatre and Devonshire Park Tennis Lawns it is in a prime leisure location.

Should you visit Favoloso you would immediately be tempted by the Pastries and Ice Creams on offer. I simply went for a Medium Cappuccino @ £2.55.

Once seated I enjoyed a Somewhat Creamy and frothy Cappuccino just how I imagine the older customers would like it. While I was there a lady had a huge Ice Cream delivered to her table and some older ladies looked on and whooped with delight!

There wasn’t any music playing and I couldn’t see any available power points. There were good Bathroom facilities and there appeared to be plenty of staff to keep everything running efficiently.

All in all a good place to visit for a refreshing treat or two.

Cheers Den.

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