Cafe Nero Mobile App (Android)

During this month I have been using Cafe Nero’s brand new Mobile Phone App and today I visited Cafe Nero in Eastbourne. 

It was early evening when I walked into Nero’s and it was quieter than usual. There was some easy music playing and 2 young Baristas were immediately ready to take my order.

I ordered a Small Cappuccino @£2.60 and paid using their new app. With one scan the payment was made and my loyalty stamp was added. No Hasstle or Stress !!

This App is better than their competition currently has and is also better than I have seen in Scandinavia.

Unlike Costa where I have to Scan for points then tap, payment and loyalty can be linked to just one scan. Should you wish you can change the screen to loyalty points only. 

Starbuck App has auto top up to pay and collect stars but with The Nero App you pay as you spend which makes way more sense unless you were trying to set aside a monthly budget or something. Also Nero reward you after 9 stamps while Starbucks require you to get 15 stars for a reward.

In conclusion I can only say I am impressed with this App and it’s been worth the wait.

The Coffee was a high standard as usual ans the store was clean and tidy.

Cheers Den.

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