Muffin Break Eastbourne, Hot but Good Value.

I have visited many of the Coffee Shops in Eastbourne more often than I can count but unfortunately I have only been in Muffin Break less than a dozen times despite being rather impressed on each occasion.

Today was one of those days. First of all it was so hot in there. How can the staff work all day in such heat? They perhaps will be grateful in January but it’s difficult to feel at ease in such a badly managed climate.

The Coffee itself was really good. I had a Medium Cappuccino @£2.60 and it tasted better than I expected. The staff are quite young but they all seemed polite and professional. Despite being unbearably hot the store was pretty much full with all tables being used. 

Muffin Break have a decent Loyalty Scheme where you get every 6th coffee free and you can even get a birthday muffin. This is the most generous Coffee Programme. There was plenty of food on offer which though tempting I left for another day.

All in all Muffin Break a very good Customer proposition. Just get the Temperature right and it will be a shop which is hard to beat.

Cheers Den

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