The Rowland Cafe Detroit Michigan



My Very good friends Jason & Renee, regular visitors to Michigan have once again visited the Rowland Cafe in Detroit. They have always described it as the best coffee bar they have ever visited. Knowing these guys that is a Huge Thumbs up and on their most recent visit they have reminded me that The Rowland Cafe is as good as ever.
They thoroughly enjoyed their rich coffee and delightfully made espresso cake. Jason mailed me these some photos and immediately I had to take a look online to find out more….
  “The Rowland Cafe opened in 2005 as part of the re-awakening of Detroit’s architectural masterpiece – the Guardian Building. As a ‘one of a kind’ destination, the cafe is centered on the awe-inspiring Promenade Level. Internationally recognized as an illy “Artisti del Gusto” cafe, Rowland exclusively serves Italian-brand illy premium roast coffee.”

Thanks to Jason & Renee for the tip. maybe someday I’ll visit for myself perhaps before a Detroit Lions game.

Cheers Den


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