Vanilla Bean Macchiato Starbucks Eastbourne



It was reward day today, I collected 15 Stars on my Starbucks Card App and I popped along to my local Starbucks where I was entitled to a beverage of my choosing. This was a good opportunity to try something different so I asked the Barista for a recommendation and he suggested the Vanilla Bean Macchiato to which I readily agreed.
My Vanilla Bean Macchiato was served in a Venti Size Takeout Cup and while connecting to Starbucks free WiFi I noticed that this particular selected weighed in at 351 calories so probably best enjoyed as an occasional treat.
The first thing you noticed is the Sweet fluffy foam created with grid of Vanilla Sauce followed by a sweet tasting drink similar to a Vanilla Latte.
Despite the use of a Syrup the consistency was pretty good to the last drop and there was enough coffee to give a decent jolt thanks to the 3 shots of Espresso.
Overall a decent drink to have on occasion because a change is as good as a rest.

Cheers  Den



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