Small Batch Coffee, Brighton



Early Evening in Brighton I stumbled across Small Batch Coffee in Jubilee Street.
I know this to be a very popular Brighton Coffee Company and on entering the premises I got a sense that that this was somewhere for Coffee Lovers to enjoy their brew.
There was an enticing roast coffee aroma in the air as I ordered my Latte @ £2.70
I was asked to take a seat and I chose a stool by the window while my brew was being prepared.
The coffee that arrived was well presented and was bold, tasty and flavoursome.
There was music playing which sounded like something off of ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’
The clientèle seemed mainly quite fashionable with one or two suited up likely to be having a ‘pick me up’ after a challenging day in the office.
The overall look of the place was pared down polished industrial and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience though they would do well to play my How Was My Coffee Playlist


Cheers Den


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