Costa Coffee Western Road Brighton





In need of a refreshment and a quick charge up of my Cellphone I dived into Costa Coffee on Brighton’s busy Western Road.
Having been here before I knew they would have everything I required and I wasn’t wrong.
I ordered a Medium Latte @£2.55 and it was ready in the blink of an eye. I was offered Old Paradise Blend Coffee but opted to stick with Costa’s Regular (Formula 1 I think)
Despite it buzzing with a broad mix of customers I easily found a table with a mains supply so I was quite content.
There was some music playing but it was at a low level. Someone took a fancy to my newspaper and offered an exchange. I didn’t like myself for it but I declined the swop. The gentleman then produced a 2nd paper in a kind of 2 for 1… again I declined knowing those particular newspapers would put me in a bad mood and negate the pleasantness a visit to Costa usually brings out in me.
The Latte tasted good, usual Costa standard and the Staff did a good job in keeping a bright and cheery atmosphere with good standard of cleanliness etc.
Recommended Cheers Den


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