Espresso House, City Aveny, Göteborg, Sweden.







Espresso House is probably Sweden’s most popular chain with branches on many of the busy city streets and transport hubs. This afternoon I visited the branch in the City Aveny shopping mall on Kungsportsavenyn.

Once inside I ordered a Large Latte and Saffransbullar which came to 80kr. I’m sure Swedish Coffee chains do well with their Cakes and Buns because of the popular ‘FIKA’ culture where people meet for a chat combined with Coffee and Something Sweet.
There were several such groups of people here today.


The Staff were friendly, efficient and professional.

There was plenty of seating with a choice of small chairs and mini Table or Wooden Stools around Massive Chunky Tables.

Surprisingly on the sound system they were playing Wizard’s Christmas Hit ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’ as I sipped on my coffee and ‘Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’ as I munched on my fruit bun.

The Coffee was good, not as rich as at Wayne’s but Smooth and very drinkable. Similar I’d say to Costa Coffee in the UK.

Espresso House has a pre-load card system offering discount of 15% if you pay by phone. Unfortunately Google Play won’t install the app if you’re registered with them in a different country.

On leaving this Espresso House I took the escalators downstairs to get a few bits from COOP KONSUM Supermarket. How Convenient.

Nice Coffee and Bun, Happy Experience.

Cheers Den


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