Pret A Manger, Gatwick Airport South Terminal Airside.



I was fortunate enough to have time to spare whilst on route to Sweden. A good opportunity I thought to visit Gatwick South Terminal Airside’s very large Pret A Manger.
On entering the unit it is immediately obvious that this a major refuelling for a large number of PAX (Airport speak for passengers) I wasn’t about to miss out so I selected an Egg Salad Sandwich, a ‘Five Berry Bowl’ (for health!), & a can of Pret Ginger Beer. At the counter I completed the order by asking for a Hazelnut Latte @£2.45 which was swiftly produced. My order totalled  £8.09

I took the silver tray handed to me loaded with my goodies and found a table with a mains socket… it wasn’t just me that needed recharging.

The food was really good and the coffee tasted nice though the first sip was a sweetness shock as I’d forgotten what I had asked for.
In hindsight I should have saved 30p and had a regular Latte.

I can recommend the 5 fruit Joghurt Cereal thingy for sure.

Gatwick Airport free Wi-Fi was available and there was an all important flight information screen on view. The only thing I was underwhelmed with was the tinned background music which was little better than the muffled airport announcements.

Apart from the speedy service I also noted how efficient the Staff were in respect of the cleanliness of the whole unit.

Overall I greatly appreciated the experience Pret A Manger offered at Gatwick and depending how hungry I am next time I’m at Gatwick I may return here rather than The Large Costa Coffee on the other side of the escalators.

Cheers Den







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