Costa Coffee Gatwick South Terminal Airside





The UK Press for a little while has been promising an Indian Summer but I have not been totally convinced so I decided to take matters into my own hands and book a week away.
The last few times I have done so I have found myself at Costa Coffee’s impressive large Airside outlet. There are plenty of alternatives to Coffee for pre flight refreshments Such as Nando’s, Wonder Tree and many other delights however Costa Coffee is my comfort Zone and perfect after a journey to the airport and subsequent security screening.
The unit at Gatwick South Airside is after the winding walk through Duty Free (Where I worked 20 years ago) Directly in front of the escalators on the upper floor of the lounge.
There is a queue system before you order at the 4 tills but I found the service quite speedy.
Costa have been boasting about their product consistency lately and it is difficult to argue with that as my Latte was as far as I could tell identical to many I have enjoyed in numerous locations in the past.
There was plenty of seating and I even managed to find a power socket near the fire escape. Wifi was available but on this occasion I felt Bamboozled by the options so elected to rely on my 4G connection which I pay more than enough for.
All in all it makes perfect sense to stop off at Costa when flying out of Gatwick South so I recommend it.
Cheers Den

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