Cinnamon Buns

I frequently get emails from coffee chains promoting muffins and other goodies. It got me thinking about what is the best sweet treat  to have with a coffee.
Most of the UK & US chains tend to go for muffins. In Sweden where the Fika (coffee break) is an obsession, Cinnamon Buns are an essential of any good Fika.
I have to agree with the Swedes on this.
If you get a chance try this coffee and bun combination I am sure you will enjoy it.
Just be ready to have your Latte served in a tall glass.

To have the Fika experience at home, be sure to visit the Totally Swedish store in London.



Coffee Cup Lighting

Lovely light fixtures, need I say more……


Merchandising Curiosity

Every summer, thousands of young students come to England to study English. Eastbourne is one of the towns swelled by their numbers and a local souvenir shop has souvenirs for all the important British landmarks. Pick of the bunch… A Starbucks Eastbourne Hoody !



Stealing someone’s coffee is called ‘mugging’ !!



Cheers Den

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