Starbucks, Eastbourne, Valentine’s Day



On Valentine’s Morning I received an email stating that there is a special brew in town for one day only.
Despite Valentine’s day being it’s usual wash out for me (I was inspired to buy a nice card last month but not inspired enough to actually give it to anyone) I decided I was not going to miss out.
Actually I do have a relationship of sorts with coffee shops so Starbucks it was, not coffee this time but Hot Chocolate and Strawberry Cream.
In Starbucks I am usually dashing off somewhere to earn a living so a take out cup is a given. Unfortunately today this Mullered the presentation of my drink somewhat. Actually once I removed the lid it resembled a tub of Strawberry Muller Rice and the Strawberry Drizzle tasted like it too.
It was served nice and hot and with the usual cheer I normally receive from the hard working crew.
To be fair it was a nice if sweet drink and a change is as good as a rest.
Starbucks did seem rather busy today but it didn’t seem there were many takers of this Valentine’s offering. I always appreciate when shops do something special, shame not many people noticed.
Thanks Though & ♡ Happy Valentines’s Day ♥


Cheers Den

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