Spoilt View

I passed by Urban Ground Independent Coffee Shop in Eastbourne a while back, their location is possibly the best in the seaside town with a large outdoor seating area and large sun windows. On this occasion however the view from their windows was somewhat reduced.
Costa’s UK domination is evident everywhere it seems. How tough it must be to be an Independent.


Starbucks Diet !!

In 2012 a US librarian claimed to have lost 75 lbs by eating nearly all her meals from Starbucks.

Starbucks Diet Lady

The American media are calling it the “Starbucks diet” after Christine Hall, 66, of Alexandria Virginia revealed that she trimmed down from 190 lbs to a trim 115 lbs following a steady two-year regime that involved getting almost all of her food from her nearby Starbucks store.

A typical day would start out with a cup of oatmeal and a black coffee, while for lunch and dinner, she ordered ham and cheese paninis or a bistro box meal.

Hall said she did not get paid to eat solely at the largest coffeehouse company in the world.

Good luck to her I say, it fits her lifestyle and she was savvy enough to use the nutritional information Starbucks Provide on the packaging.

I would like to know the total cost of living this way because as well as losing the Lbs you could lose some serious £££’s. Whatever the cost it must be less than the cost of surgery and a whole lot more enjoyable.
Below is a couple of links to read what the health experts say:

Shape magazine Starbucks Diet

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