Nelson Coffee Co, Eastbourne

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After something like a year since it first opened, Today I decided to visit Nelson Coffee in Eastbourne’s town centre. Situated just across from the Railway Station Nelson is in a good position for passing trade as well as undoubtedly it’s regulars.
First impressions were good and the Staff seemed enthusiastic about their offerings. The general feel is quite earthy with wooden floorboards and tables and cream painted wooden wall panels. In some ways I was reminded of Harris & Hoole and there was a full menu chalked up on the Large wall chalkboards as well as a comprehensive menu at each table.

I ordered a Latte @ £2.60 and proceeded to take a seat in the busy but laid back store. When my Latte arrived I was slightly suprised to see it served in a glass Scandinavian style. The glass itself was bigger than a Cortado for sure but perhaps smaller than I would have expected. The overall presentation was good and so too was the taste of the Coffee. You could tell they used a good quality bean and know how to make. I could easily have drunk another straight off.
They had a good selection of Cakes and the Signs & Pictures about the place complemented the Staff in making it a Cheerful environment.
There was a fantastic Wi-Fi connection which will save any 4G plan you are on and I was also lucky enough to be seated next to a mains socket so I was able to power up my Galaxy Tab S at the same time.
Nelson Coffee Co are quite active on Social Media and I will be visiting their sites soon and I no doubt visit Nelson again soon for another tasty Latte.

Cheers Den


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