Muffin Break, Eastbourne



Today was a typical miserable drizzly Thursday in December as I entered Eastbourne’s Arndale Shopping Mall.
I had only visited Muffin Break on one previous occasion and the Coffee was good that day and today the Storefront somehow looked inviting.
I went in and noticed a decent selection of Baked goods on display but I just ordered a regular latte.
I was make quickly without any fuss and presented to me with pride.
I took a seat in the ample seating area and availed myself of the free WiFi.
While there I noticed one Staff member training or reviewing another and there was another chap cleaning and clearing up.
My Latte looked good with Barista art and it tasted good, quite strong plenty of flavour, as good a standard as many dedicated independents would have crafted.
There wasn’t much noise or atmosphere of any kind really but the offerings were good and I didn’t have to brush away any litter as sometimes can be the case in Shopping Mall Facilities.
Credit to the team for their professionalism.
Recommended for Shoppers seeking some sanity.
Cheers Den

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