Harris and Hoole, Uxbridge, Middlesex






Today the Miami Dolphins & Oakland Raiders were in town for an NFL match up at Wembley. Before meeting my Football Lovin’ buddies I decided to take a look around Uxbridge. That’s when I noticed a Harris & Hoole coffee house.
The first thing I noticed through the large glass frontage was the amount of wooden chairs, benches and other fixtures. Then it was the vast amount of notice board style messages from every angle. The counter had a large range of rustic style snacks and treats.
I ordered a Small Latte @ £2.30 and waited for my coffee near the collection point. This Branch of Harris & Hoole seemed very lively but the town in general seemed busy. The staff were friendly snd upbeat as I kind of expected. There was music but nothing special, it sounded like a local pop station.
My coffee was presented in a homely cup and saucer and had the customary latte art to finish. It was pretty bold in a similar way to Café Nero. I enjoyed it and can see the appeal of the Space H&H have created.
I noted they slso have an offer of unlimited coffee for 2 hours for £6. Great for weekday students or small business conversations.
A great experience was had so for me I say ‘Recommended’

Cheers Den

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