Costa Coffee Club App and EE Cash On Tap



This morning I received an email promoting Costa Coffee’s new app for Android and iPhone. Until now there had been a couple of unofficial apps which just told you how many Costa points you may have collected under their scheme.
The new official app actually is presented in place of the coffee club card and updates instantly.
I decided I would try this out today and would pay using my EE ‘Cash On Tap’ app to complete my cashless latte buying and point earning experience.
I presented myself to the counter at Costa Coffee in Eastbourne armed with nothing but my Samsung Galaxy s5 and ordered the benchmark Medium Latte and a 60g pack of Stem Ginger Biscuits which came to £3.60. I flashed my handset screen in front of the tillside IR scanner and my points were added. I then said I’d pay ‘Contact Less’ and held my handset over the credit card terminal. One bleep and a box popped up on my screen saying payment had been made.
The two apps both worked effortlessly and was delighted as I took my Latte to the seating area.
The Costa Coffee Club App also allows you to redeem points and gives product and location news too.
EE’s Cash On Tap app uses NFC technology and is provided in conjunction with Mastercard. Once registered it can be pre loaded at the touch of a button from your account and can be used to buy goods up to £20 in any store where contact-less cards are accepted as well as in place of Oyster cards on Tfl Tube and Buses.
Well done to EE in developing this service
Mobile devices are such a big part of our lives now and Costa now has an app which in step with that. Well done Costa I say.


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