Cappuccino, Plaza Juan Carlos, Palma de Mallorca




The most popular coffee chain in Mallorca and one of the most popular chains in Spain is ‘Cappuccino’.
Today I visited Cappuccino Borne on Plaza Juan Carlos in the centre of Palma.
There was plenty of seating outside but as it was windy I went into their rather elegant interior. There were a good selection of tables, chairs and soft seating. The lighting was good and the softness of it complemented the candles on each table. I later noticed the unusual Swedish art in the men’s room.
I ordered coffee with milk which here has the strength of a Cortado. It was €2.75 plus something for the service. The staff are very smart in their pristine stylish uniforms and all worked efficiently with pride.
Cappuccino has free wifi and the music playing was from their own range of chill out CDs available for €20 each.
I enjoyed my short coffee and was impressed generally.
Recommended next time you visit Spain.
Cheers Den

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