Cafe Nero, Eastbourne




Over the weekend my mobile phone kept alerting me to a new software update but due to the file size it required me to use Wi-Fi.
I have always been impressed by the wireless speed and reliability in Cafe Nero so that is where I headed.

I hadn’t been in Nero’s for a while and I when arrived I was reminded of the fact. The guys there are true advocates of the Nero Brand and it was nice getting a friendly welcome. I opted for a small Latte which was made with expertise and panache.
It certainly tasted good and had a real kick as a small Latte here is made with two potent measures of the good stuff.

There were the usual selection of newspapers to read and a swift clearing of tables ensured a choice of seats with functional tables which to organize ones self.The Wi-Fi was working well as per my expectations and I quite enjoyed the ‘dinner jazz’ playing on the sound system. This has to be the best Coffee Shop in which to write emails or update ones diary while energizing with a power coffee.

Cheers Den

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