Beanzz Coffee , Eastbourne (Launderette)



I have recently been staying in a temporary location in Eastbourne which doesn’t have a washing machine so I needed the services of a Launderette.
Luckily for me there is a well maintained one operating in Grove Road right next to Beanzz Coffee. Needless to say I visited both today and was a happy customer.
I went straight into the Laundromat filling the machine swiftly knowing a good coffee would soon be in my possession.
After inserting the 4x £1 coins and way too much detergent product I dashed into Beanzz for my perfect brew.
I bought a Latte which they now sell on a standardised size fo £2.40 and it was delicious as always.
The store was pretty quiet and relaxed with some soft music.
Such a contrast from the Starbucks which has been chaotic recently.
I had time to look at my tabloid of choice and for a quick visit to their spotless restroom.
It’s also worth mentioning the unusual furnishings in Beanzz, the chilled out downstairs area, quirky artwork and free wi-fi.
I left the area with an invigorated soul and some clean sheets and shirts.
Cheers Den

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