Patisserie Valerie, Eastbourne, Daily Telegraph Offer





The Daily Telegraph yesterday had a promotion offering a ‘Free illy coffee’ at Patisserie Valerie. The offer was valid for 2 days so today I took advantage of this by visiting their fairly new Eastbourne branch.
The Patisserie was rather busy and they asked me to take a seat.
The seating area was soft and comfortable and the tables were sturdy as well as being clean. There wasn’t any music playing and the lighting was congruent to an afternoon in early winter.
After a 10 minute wait a server came to take my order for a Latte. Another 5 minutes and my Latte arrived.
The Latte was well presented and was piping hot with an intense coffee flavour and quite creamy to taste. Rather nice to relax with but not suited to a quick fix as it was both too substantial and too hot to be so. A relaxing coffee it was then and the quality was very good as was the environment which encourages small groups of people to pop in and enjoy a chat with coffee and perhaps a cake.
The other draw here is the cakes… I defy any passer-by to not stop and drool at the luxurious sweet enticements in the window. A lovely place, recommended.


Cheers Den

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