Starbucks, Eastbourne. (Muffins)




With absolutely nothing in my fridge I was pretty hungry as I ventured towards Starbucks.
Armed with a pre-loaded Starbucks card,
today was to be the day I would try one of their new (heavily promoted) muffins.
In the glass cabinet I could see some of the old style muffins and to be honest by now I was ready to eat anything. On asking however, they did have some Raspberry and White Chocolate ones behind the counter so I had one of those with a tall Latte.
The muffin looked ok. It was soft and had a Raspberry jam center which was rather nice. They wouldn’t describe it so but there were similarities with a Jam Doughnut though not as sweet. The muffin top was fruity with a bit more texture but in truth I hardly noticed the white chocolate.
Overall I must say I found it more moist and seemingly fresher than the old style muffins. Incidentally I have previously enjoyed Starbucks ‘Stem Ginger’ muffins and their naughty but nice ‘Cinnamon Swirls’
My Coffee, the Latte, was quite nice today, the change to the extra shot the company made several months ago makes a difference.
Overall with the special offer it was £3.40 for my Latte & Muffin and I felt much better having had it.
Are Starbucks starting to be the value option I wonder?
Anyway, nice muffin… what’s not to like?
Recommended for a quick hunger hit.

Cheers Den

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