Starbucks, Eastbourne, i Newspaper


Starbucks sent out an email earlier today saying the ‘i’ newspaper will be free for 4 Mondays from today.
Free is always good even if it is just for a 20p newspaper so I was won over and had my coffee there again today.
The service was pretty swift especially considering the range of new products the staff have to promote. I had a Grande Latte at £2.50 and had an extra espresso shot which was free using my Starbucks Card.
The latte was stronger than I expected. They usually put 2 shots in both the Tall and the Grande so I figured having the larger of the two I’d better strengthen it up a bit. Well it knocked me back a bit at first.. I must be getting soft.
The paper is a good concise read, quality but to the point. I guess at 20p it’s a good fit for Starbucks which previously stocked The Guardian.
All in all a good visit to Starbucks. Both Store and Newspaper recommended.

Cheers Den

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