Starbucks, Eastbourne





Looking to try the new muffins at Starbucks I queued this lunchtime up only to discover the muffin baskets were empty.
At least I can report that the muffins (or at least the half price offer) have proved to be popular.
Once at the till I ordered a tall filter coffee for a recession busting £1.50 to which the barista kindly added hot milk.
In the past I have noticed how quick the filter coffee can go cold so adding heated milk is a good move. I believe they are using their ‘Pike Place’ blend which is adequately bold and drinkable.
The service was pretty good considering they were inundated with international language students in addition to the usual mix you can encounter at Starbucks.
I can’t really imagine anyone being able to relax here during the summer season as the youngsters were constantly rearranging chairs and shouting across the floor. It was pretty noisy to the extent of not knowing if any music was playing or not. I had a day off work so relaxing wasn’t a priority. Had I been on a break during a working day I think I would have become rather agitated.
To their credit, the staff must serve something like a thousand people a day and they always manage a smile. The chairs, tables and floor were all clean and tidy too which must at times take some effort.
Had I wanted to relax over a magazine or newspaper I would have been better off going to one of the fine independent espresso houses in town but overall it has to be said that a strong filter cup for £1.50 is pretty good value. Shame I didn’t get to try one of the new muffins but I have a feeling that will be a pleasure served up another day.
Recommended for families shopping and groups of young friends meeting in the town center.

Cheers Den

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