Marks & Spencer, Eastbourne




When I walked into Marks & Spencer at 10:30 I thought I would have to queue to get a Coffee but I was pretty much straight in. The Cafe itself is a decent size with several rows of small square tables. Minimalist in style, the area was partitioned from the menswear department with a sky blue painted wall. To me it had the feel of a staff canteen. The cafe had plenty of staff and it was just starting to get busy. The service was polite. I ordered a medium latte at £2.40. The latte was handed to me a minute or so later and was well presented to Coffee Chain standard and had a little biscuit on the side. Strangely the saucer was really cold, refrigerated I think!
The Coffee tasted good, I can’t imagine many other department stores or supermarkets meeting the same standard. I can see why they are so popular with their customers.
For me, the coffee alone doesn’t make the experience but I guess it would be a little unfair of me to expect them to be all things to all people.

Cheers Den

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