Fusciardi’s, Eastbourne


Sunday morning in Eastbourne and the seafront promenade has a relaxed feel to it with people from all walks of life strolling along in summer outfits with a care-free vibe.
Across the road is Fusciardi’s, a traditional Italian style Coffee Lounge and Ice Cream bar.
A perfect time to visit this location, I entered the service area and ordered a large latte which was a very reasonable £2.15 (small is £1.95). The server produced a cup with a rich double espresso and then poured in aereolated milk to complete my latte. Service while polite you couldn’t describe it as attentive though I could see the team all worked efficiently. Presentation was of my latte was standard but the taste was really good. Very drinkable, quite bold and full of flavour. I’m sure they must have been complemented on their coffee many times before.
The seating and furnishings are adequate and during the summer the sunshine lifts the atmosphere. Indeed many of there customers are drawn in for Ice Creams.
It was morning coffee for me however and jolly good it was.
Recommended for sea and sun lovers that also love good coffee.

Cheers Den


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