Costa Coffee, Eastbourne, Costa Coffee Club




Today I remembered that I had clocked up enough points on my Costa Coffee Card for a free Latte. A perfect end to the month I thought so off I went for my free treat.
I arrived at 2pm and it was packed. There was a queue for service and most of the tables were taken. All the staff were working really hard in an organised way and anyone would have been impressed in observing them. The Barista served up my Latte to the Costa Standards and I proceeded to take it to a seat vacated only seconds earlier. A Costa chap quickly appeared to clear the table for me without fuss… He was like a holding midfielder looking to keep things in order. That must have taken some diligence over the course of the day as the crowd seemed lively.
My Latte itself tasted good and was the ideal temperature. Every Latte seems to be the same here and I consider that to be a good thing.
The Costa Coffee Club is a loyalty scheme in which 5 points are added for every pound you spend. 215pts equals £2.15 or a regular Latte or Cappuccino. The scheme is good if you eat in coffee shops because unlike elsewhere food is included in accumulating points. If you played several loyalty schemes I would suggest visiting Costa when eating, visit Cafe Nero if buying The Times and if you want want extra flavours and whipped cream, Starbucks give those add-ons free to their loyal customers.
Costa also email cardholders from time to time with offers such as Double points. It is worth saying the Independents don’t have such bells and whistles with their loyalty schemes but often can can deliver a fantastic hand crafted product so it’s good to be adventurous.
You pay your money and make your choice but all in all the Costa Loyalty programme takes some beating.
A free Latte was my treat today and I recommend Costa in Eastbourne for it’s good service and a good loyalty scheme.

Cheers Den

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