Costa Coffee, Crawley



Arriving into Crawley early for a meeting I was in need of some coffee. I have previously found Costa in Crawley to tick most of the boxes so I headed there.
In the corner unit of a fairly new retail development this Costa has plenty of natural light and has a good scattering of seating. On ordering my small Latte @ £2.15 I was asked if I wanted anything to eat which seems to be the norm in the chain coffee shops.
Service was polite and efficient which is probably what you would want before office hours.
Sorry to be boring here but my Latte was good, to Costa standards and naturally I enjoyed consuming it.
Sitting quite near me was one of the tallest polish women I have ever seen. When she got up to visit the restroom a small amount of natural light flickered. Small differences to each day is what makes life interesting!
There was some low level background music and I had the benefit of a soft leather chair and oval table the set myself up for the day ahead.
I noticed another Coffee shop next door… Maybe later.
I also noticed in The Marltlets they are setting up for a Cafe Nero to open soon.
Costa Queens Square…. Recommended if you are in Crawley town center.
Cheers Den

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