Cafe Nero, Hove



Back in Hove I wanted to revisit another coffee shop I had previously enjoyed. Nero’s in Hove is in a large and iconic corner building nestled among many bars and eateries. When I entered I quickly noticed the classical guitar music in the background and how relaxed all the other customers appeared. There were no children, no groups of students and no animated customers of any kind. Was it really Monday lunchtime? Everyone was enjoying their coffee whilst either reading a newspaper or interacting with an electronic device of some kind. Disappointingly in that regard there were few power sockets on hand. There were plenty of seats and tables and it was all clean and tidy.
I ordered a large latte at £2.65 and the service, I would say, was laid back which I guess fitted in with the overall vibe in this location. In any case the server was rather attractive which buys an added degree of tolerance in my book. The coffee itself was standard. A bit stronger than Costa and as consistent.
Within a short space of time, things started to get slightly livelier. One gentleman asked me for help connecting his mobile to the free Wi-Fi and another inquired about availability of newspapers, two stylish European women sat nearby and the music switched to mellow jazz. I was in some kind of social hub and didn’t want to leave!!
I had things to do however but not before visiting the restroom which I also found to be satisfactorily clean.
I enjoyed the civilized nature of this Neros and I recommend if you are looking to re-balance yourself during a stressful day.

Cheers Den

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