Cafe Nero, Eastbourne. (The Times)




Today I wanted to buy The Times so I went to Cafe Nero. The Times has long been available at Nero’s and if you use your loyalty card they will give it an extra stamp for buying the popular newspaper.
That would be great for regulars as a paper and coffee each day could get you a free cup of something special for the weekend.
I have been here a great many times and it is always pretty good. It wasn’t as busy as usual today and that may be due to the Valerie Patisserie which recently opened next door. (I will have to go there to try a luxurious cake myself sometime)
Anyway, in Nero’s I had a small Latte which was bold as ever with double shots of their finest and served at a good temperature with standard Nero presentation.
I think the Barista was new(ish) but seemed to fit in just fine. He done a decent job with my coffee and also seemed to cope quite well with a potentially tricky customer that came in just after me.
I took my coffee to the soft seating with a table and enjoyed my coffee and some fine writing in The Times including a fantastic Olympic supplement.
Recommended for those that like hard hitting news with a hard hitting coffee.

Cheers Den

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