Cafe Nero, Eastbourne



Time to revisit an old favourite I thought as I entered Cafe Nero in Terminus Road Eastbourne. I got a friendly welcome from the 3 Neroistas working and I promptly ordered a small latte @ £2.30.
The store was about a third full which I found surprising for 1pm on a Friday. The clientele all seemed to be in a relaxed mood and there was the usual couple of laptop people maxing on Wi-Fi. The music playing was really mellow jazz which was most congruent.
My small latte was a touch really because I needed an instant pick up. (The same amount of coffee goes into a small latte as they put into my usual large milky extravaganza @£2.65). The Latte was a truely rich hard hitting cup of their finest.
The strongest cup I’ve had since I took advantage of ‘The Times’ Nero Macchiato offer a couple of months ago. The standards in store were good and I had the use of a table while sitting on comfortable seat. I enjoyed my coffee while sitting in the corner in peace. Overall an enjoyable visit, it is good to see Nero keeping on their A Game.

Cheers Den

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