Cafe Express (Convex), Eastbourne




Directly on Eastbourne Beach immediately to the west of the pier are two bars run by Convex. The first one, Piacetto has a food menu the other, Cafe Express where I went, mainly does coffee.
I ordered a Small Latte @ £2.35
My latte was made using an ordinary espresso machine and it was poured into an extra small ‘Tchibo’ branded paper cup. It was clear they didn’t have great facilities but that is compensated by a top location.
They had a wooden platform on the beach with about a dozen tables and a scattering of tables directly outside the building on the promenade.
I’m guessing many of the customers may not be regular coffee shop visitors but see a coffee interlude as enhancing their day on the seafront. Fair enough I say.
The coffee itself, while far from being the best, was acceptable. I know they had some experienced baristas in their team and that made all the difference.
Recommended to visitors to Eastbourne Beach and promenade.
Cheers Den

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