Beanzz, Eastbourne



Canadian Weekend at Beanzz Eastbourne so I had to make the effort to take a look. It is good to see coffee shops do something different and Beanzz is a location that often sets itself out from the rest. First thing you notice is a Canadian flag in the window and then there is the music which is also Canadian along with the snacks on offer.
I ordered a large latte at £2.40 and handed over a crusty looking fiver. I had my loyalty card stamped, took my change and sat down. My crafted product was brought to my table and looked wonderful. The Latte was indeed superb. I am sure it was a bit stronger than last time but that’s how I like it. They must use the finest beanzz because the flavour here is always so good.
Since my last visit they have put some different artwork on show. It really stimulates the mind as does the coffee itself. There were plenty of staff on hand and everyone was friendly and had a smiley face… We could have been in Canada!! Once again a great visit. Highly Recommended.

Cheers Den

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