Starbucks, Eastbourne



Yesterday in the post I received a voucher from Starbucks for a free tall drink on their loyalty card scheme. I went for a ‘ Caramel Macchiato’ which at £2.95 makes it 80p dearer than a latte but as a free reward, well why not?
Starbucks was busy as ever and when I entered there were only 2 ‘baristas’ working. My Caramel Macchiato was made and I collected it from the small pick up counter at the end. I was able to find a seat but share a table with a shop worker from the mall.
My Beverage was ‘crafted’ in a uniform Starbucks standard but I have to be honest and say it was far too sweet for me. All the component flavours were there but the Caramel Syrup overwhelms everything. It must be popular because it’s been on the menu for quite some time.
Starbucks probably do quite well with this, for the largest size they charge £3.55
I won’t be ordering this in future, my wallet, teeth and waistline would not approve.

Cheers Den

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