Debenhams, Eastbourne




Thursday Afternoon and I thought I would visit another department store for my coffee. On the 2nd floor of Debenhams in Eastbourne is their popular restaurant. As well as sandwiches they offer quite a range of cooked food.
I imagine that the ’10 item breakfast’ @ £6.25 must be popular. It was the afternoon however and I needed a coffee. First thing a coffee lover would notice is that unlike M&S they don’t have baristas creating the drinks by hand. Coffee is produced by a self service machine. If I had a large kitchen I would be delighted to have such a good machine but when out and about you can’t beat a lovingly crafted beverage.
I eventually selected the regular latte which was £2.15. The coffee itself was pretty good if a little weak and service was cheery.
After seeing a sign near the till I was watching out for children with hot water but I didn’t see any! (just joking ök) While I was there a customer knocked over his coffee, attention was immediate from the staff.
There were plenty of seats available.
Recommended for hungry shoppers but if you want just coffee I’d head elsewhere.

Cheers Den

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