Costa Coffee @ David LLoyd, Eastbourne



3pm on a Monday afternoon after a light session in the gym at David Lloyd it was a good time for a latte. Being part of Whitbread I guess it makes sense for David Lloyd to serve Costa Coffee.
For a health club the cafe area is quite sizable and they have an extensive food menu. The Coffee is standard Costa. Same taste and presentation just different surroundings. A small latte is £2.10 (though ‘Vantage’ members of DL get a discount to take it to £1.89). Half way through my coffee I move to the adult lounge area where there are (slow) PCs for use. Members can bring social guests into David Lloyd to have a drink etc while watching sky sports. As a meeting place I guess it’s handy for the rail station at Hampden Park. I thought my coffee was pretty good, I wouldn’t visit just for the coffee but having Costa on site certainly is a better option post workout than mixing chocolate powder in a plastic beaker with water from the changing room sink. Some people actually do that!

Cheers Den


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