Cafe Ruby, Eastbourne



Wednesday morning in Eastbourne’s Arndale Shopping Mall I decided to venture into Cafe Ruby.
This is a popular Cafe with shoppers in the town serving Coffee, Tea, Sandwiches and Cakes. There seemed to be quite a few elderly ladies here but it is Eastbourne and at 11am… that’s their prime time.
The main seating area is an adjacent area in the Mall and Cafe Ruby also have additional seating to the side and rear of the serving area.
I ordered a Small Cappuccino which was £1.70 and took it to the rear of the shop. Service was polite, there were were a couple of staff in the kitchen area preparing food for the midday rush but the lady on the till coped quite well on here own making the drinks and taking payments. She was wearing green rubber gloves which I thought was a bit unusual!
The Coffee was very mild but acceptable for a Mall location, I probably should have ordered a Baguette to get the full Cafe Ruby experience.
The furnishings inside are a bit school dinners but they do a good job in keeping everything clean and tidy.
Even though it was ok, it’s unlikely I’ll go back for another coffee (with so many other places around) but I may be tempted to re-visit for a sandwich sometime in the future.

Cheers Den

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